A downloadable Cat Weapon for Windows

This is NOT the final version of the game. All enemy, terrain, background and sound assets are still being made. This game will be free, even when completed. This demo includes only 8 stages, one boss and an ending. The 4 of the stages featured will most liekly be tutorial stages in the final release.

Cat Weapon is a Sonic The Hedgehog and Mega Man inspired game, where you play as a cat named Lemmy Furoski saving his younger sister Alanda scratch, after she fell down a giant hole leading to the Underground. You have to shoot your way through enemies, traverse levels and defeat bosses to get your sister back home.

Cat Weapon and characters made for the game are all owned by Louis Le Blanc. These characters may be used for non profit fan made material.

Install instructions

1. Download the rar

2. Extract the rar with Winrar, 7zip or any compatible programs

3. Open game


Cat Weapon Prototype 26.6.2016.rar 2 MB

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